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Have a special project?  Not a problem, we provide a wide range of services; from embroidery work, special sewing needs, and much more.   There isn't a job too small or too big and we do not have a limit for minimum number of items that we will do.

Embroidery Work

We provide designing, digitizing and custom embroidery work.  We can take company logo's or original artwork and turn it into an embroidery design. 

Custom Sewing & Alterations

  • Not only do we provide custom embroidery work, but we also provide custom sewing needs, alterations and welcome any special projects you may have.
  • Also have the means to provide special projects such as designing and making dolls, woodwork, glass work, calligraphy, and much more.  If there is an item you just can't find and want to find out if we can assist in getting it made for you, call and/or email us and we will see if we can assist in getting you that special item you are looking for.  If it can be made, chances are we can help.